University of Konstanz

One system for 300.000 web pages

The University of Konstanz is a young and dynamic university in the south of Germany. The university embarked on the ambitious project to overhaul all of its 300.000 web pages and decided on 3pc to support its efforts. At 3pc, I was part of the team to analyze the current website and develop a new concept and information structure for the relaunch. We developed personas, conducted workshops on site and created an extensive set of wireframes and prototypes. We also structured all the university’s websites in one holistic system to guide design and content decisions as well as navigation structures.

After laying the conceptual groundwork, we are currently working on the second phase of the project: the design and frontend development of the new website as well as the backend development of one of the key features of its new website: a personalized area for users to get news and events of selected areas of the website. To facilitate the communication and cooperation of the distributed team consisting of developers, editors and designers from the university as well as our agency in Berlin, we decided to use Scrum principles. As a Scrum Master and Proxy Product Owner, I currently guide the team through the realization phase of the relaunch.

  • UX Design, Scrum Master/Proxy Product Owner, 2014/15
  • Project by 3pc Neue Kommunikation GmbH
  • Team: Elisabeth Kamm, Moritz Ritter, Anna Löhn, Christin Grunau, Kai Kubasta, Falk Gebauer, University of Konstanz
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